First Time

This is my first time using wordpress and compared to tumblr I personally do not enjoy it, but because tumblr doesn’t work in our MOOC, here I am. Of course I am open to trying new things, so if any of you other MOOCers know or like wordpress, I would love any tips. It’s set up completely different so I’m not even sure I’m doing it right. But I hope I figure it out with time so I can participate more in the MOOC.



One thought on “First Time

  1. adrienne

    Hello, I am very confused on everything. This is my first time using a Blog and twitter, but I do not have a Facebook. Call me old fashion becasue i am so confused right now. I am trying to learn all this blogging and post blogging, twitter and future Facebook. I do have a updated phone but again I do not know how to use it except for texting and calling. So please, if I post something wrong or 3 weeks later, be kind. Thanks everyone……..


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