“Digging in the Sand Box”

Hello everyone my name is Katie. So I’m taking the Creativity and Multicultural Communications course at the advanced level to get credit while I attend Empire State online. I’m going through all the readings right now for the first week of class and figured I’d get a jump start and also introduce myself. As I’m reading through the “essays” I’m wondering exactly what are we to use our blogs or other networking sites for? I didn’t see any assignments yet and I’m half way through the readings so I was curious what exactly are we trying to accomplish in our sandboxes? I’m not sure how one replies to a post I create either, the news feed that we are supposed to check out seems confusing and dead to me so I don’t think I’m doing it right. So that’s all I have to say for now, I’m going to dive back into the readings because I have plenty of other work in my other courses since I’m a senior finally and want to stay ahead of the ball game.


One thought on ““Digging in the Sand Box”

  1. childrenandhistory

    Hi Katie I am taking this course my final semester! I understand the confusion. I believe the idea is to understand “new” ways of being connected …making connections and communicating with the world about something you enjoy. The blog from my understanding is used to both connect to those taking the mooc and those who are looking to learn and connect because of similar interests. I have also been told you don’t have to read everything….you find your personal connection and grow and expand from there….comment about the readings that you connect with and keep making web connections as well. I hope I explained this right I look forward to learning more! Good luck!


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