Creative Thinking

I go to get on the CMC11 website to check out the reading material for this week and to see if there are any new blog posts. I noticed an older post about creative thinking. I click on it and head tot he link provided. Michael Michalko’s website looks pretty interesting. I’m going to see if my library system has any of his books, they sound perfect for a writer who needs some fresh perspectives and ideas. Instead of getting a jump start on Week 2’s readings, I will instead be trying out a lot of Michael’s activities he offers on the site. A lot of them sound very interesting. I must have acquired a new muse lately because I have been writing, drawing, and creating a lot the past week and I’m hoping this activities will keep me sharp and continue to spur on my imagination and to keep my motivation going.

If anyone else or any of my regular blog follows are curious about what I’m talking about head to Michale’s site. On the left hand column you can click on the different links to try out different activities. Enjoy!


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